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Child Center Services in Inglewood, CA

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Child Enrichment Center provides several services to educate, entertain, and care for kids at our school.


CEC offers preschool at different levels for children ages 2-5. Each class advances according to age and ability level and helps to prepare them for kindergarten. We offer activities to develop their gross and fine motor skills and begin teaching them about numbers, shapes, colors, and letters with plenty of time for them to socialize with other kids.

Academic Hobby Training

Our teachers also provide academic hobby training. We open them up to a variety of activities and help them discover what they’re interested in. This can include music, sports, science experiments, reading, and more.


Your child will have plenty of time to move around, especially during our dance sessions. We turn on kid friendly music, teach them some basic moves and popular children’s songs routines; then let them dance around on their own.


We teach kids songs to sing and let them play with basic instruments such as tambourines, drums, kazoos, kid sized guitars, and keyboards.

Hot Lunch

At Child Enrichment Center in Inglewood, you won’t have to worry about packing a lunch for your child every day. We provide nutritious hot lunches each day with tasty, healthy, and high quality food. We are sensitive to allergies (especially nuts) and ask that if your child has specific allergies to let us know. We’ll send out monthly menus so you can find out what meals will be served ahead of time.

Field Trips

We take 6-8 field trips each year. Just a few examples of where we go include petting zoos, museums, orchards, parks, the roller rink, and the library.

CEC in Inglewood accepts all forms of payment and we can set up a payment plan that will work for you.

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